Exterior Paint Trends for 2024: Fresh Looks for Spring



Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation, and what better way to embrace this spirit than with a fresh coat of paint on your home's exterior? The right color can not only transform the appearance of your home but also reflect your personal style. At Taylor Exteriors and Construction, we're excited to share with you the trending paint colors for 2024, complementing our high-quality product offerings like ProVia windows and doors, which can be customized to match your new paint scheme.

1. Nature-Inspired Hues:

This year, we see a trend toward colors that reflect the natural world. Soft greens, earthy browns, and sky blues are popular, creating a serene and inviting exterior that harmonizes with the outdoors.

2. Warm Neutrals:

Warm neutral tones such as beige, taupe, and light gray are on the rise. These colors offer a timeless appeal and are perfect for those who prefer a subtler look. They pair beautifully with the natural wood textures of products like LP Expert SmartSiding.

3. Bold Accents:

For those looking to make a statement, bold accent colors are in vogue. Consider painting your front door or shutters in a vibrant color like deep red or navy blue. These striking hues create a focal point and add character to your home.

4. Pastel Pops:

Pastels are making a comeback, with colors like lavender, pale yellow, and soft coral gaining popularity. These hues provide a touch of whimsy and lightness, perfect for the spring season.

5. Monochromatic Schemes:

Monochromatic color schemes, using varying shades of the same color, are becoming a favorite for creating a sophisticated and cohesive look. This approach works exceptionally well with the clean lines and modern aesthetics of ProVia windows and doors.

6. Sustainable Paints:

As we embrace color trends, let's not forget the importance of sustainability. Opt for eco-friendly paints with low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) to reduce environmental impact and maintain indoor air quality.


Refreshing your home's exterior with a new paint color is an exciting way to celebrate spring. Whether you prefer natural hues, bold accents, or soft pastels, the 2024 color trends offer something for every style. And with products like ProVia windows and doors, you can seamlessly integrate these colors into your home’s exterior. At Taylor Exteriors and Construction, we're here to help you choose the perfect color palette and provide expert painting services to bring your vision to life.

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