Spring Cleaning: Revitalizing Your Home’s Exterior After Winter



As the remnants of winter fade away, it's time to give your home's exterior a much-needed spring revival. A thorough cleaning not only enhances your home's beauty but also protects its integrity. At Taylor Exteriors and Construction, we recommend incorporating high-quality products like Malarkey shingles, LP Expert SmartSiding, and ProVia windows and doors into your maintenance routine. Let's dive into how to give your home a spring facelift.

1. Cleaning and Inspecting the Roof:

Start with your roof, a critical component of your home's defense system. Malarkey shingles, known for their durability and weather resistance, should be inspected for any winter damage. Gently clean off any moss, algae, or debris to maintain their longevity and aesthetic appeal.

2. Siding Maintenance:

LP Expert SmartSiding is an excellent choice for those seeking a blend of durability and beauty. Spring is the perfect time to clean your siding with a soft brush and mild detergent. Inspect for any damage or areas that may need repair or repainting.

3. Window and Door Care:

ProVia windows and doors are known for their energy efficiency and quality. Cleaning the glass and frames while checking for any sealant gaps is essential. Well-maintained windows and doors not only look great but also help in energy conservation.

4. Gutter Cleaning and Inspection:

Clear out your gutters and downspouts of any debris accumulated over the winter. This ensures proper drainage during spring showers, protecting your roof, siding, and foundation from water damage.

5. Refreshing Paint and Trim:

Inspect your home's paint and trim. Touch up any areas that have chipped or faded over the winter. A fresh coat of paint can significantly enhance your home's curb appeal.

6. Deck and Patio Care:

Sweep and wash your deck or patio to remove dirt and grime. Check for any loose boards or railings, and consider resealing or staining wood surfaces for added protection and a renewed look.


Spring cleaning your home’s exterior not only boosts its curb appeal but also extends the life of your investment. By using high-quality products like Malarkey shingles, LP Expert SmartSiding, and ProVia windows and doors, you ensure that your home is not only beautiful but also resilient. At Taylor Exteriors and Construction, we’re here to assist you with all your spring maintenance needs, ensuring your home shines bright this season.

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