Royal Building Products' Cedar Renditions: Uses and Applications


Royal Building Products' Cedar Renditions is a premium aluminum siding product that offers homeowners and builders an aesthetically pleasing, durable, and low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood siding. It's designed to mimic the natural beauty of cedar without the associated maintenance challenges. Here's an overview of its primary uses and applications:

1. Residential Siding:

- New Home Constructions: Cedar Renditions can be used as the primary siding material for new homes, providing a modern look with the timeless appeal of cedar.

- Home Renovations: For homeowners looking to upgrade their home's exterior, Cedar Renditions is an excellent choice, as it can rejuvenate the appearance of older homes.

2. Architectural Accents:

- Feature Walls: For homes with mixed materials on their exterior, Cedar Renditions can be used to create a standout feature or accent wall.

- Gables and Eaves: The product can be utilized in specific sections of a home, like gables or eaves, to provide architectural interest.

- Around Windows and Doors: Cedar Renditions can serve as an accent around windows and doors, highlighting these features.

3. Commercial Properties:

- Modern Aesthetic: For commercial buildings aiming for a contemporary or minimalist design, Cedar Renditions offers a sleek, modern aesthetic.

- Low Maintenance Requirements: Commercial properties often prioritize durability and low maintenance, both of which are offered by Cedar Renditions.

4. Mixed Material Designs:

- Combination with Other Sidings: Cedar Renditions can be used alongside other siding materials, like stone or brick, to create a varied and textured exterior design.

5. Coastal Properties:

- Resistance to Salty Air: Aluminum siding, like Cedar Renditions, can be particularly suited for homes in coastal regions, where the salty air can quickly deteriorate some other siding materials.

6. Areas with Pest Concerns:

- Pest Resistant: Unlike traditional wood, aluminum siding isn't susceptible to pests like termites or woodpeckers, making Cedar Renditions a good choice for areas where such pests are a concern.


Royal Building Products' Cedar Renditions is a versatile and attractive siding option, suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you're aiming for a modern design, a coastal aesthetic, or simply want a low-maintenance siding that mimics the beauty of cedar, Cedar Renditions is a strong contender. Always consult with an experienced contractor or architect to determine the best siding choice for your specific needs.

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