7 Stellar Exterior House Trends for 2024 That Will Take Your Home to the Next Frontier



As we embark on 2024, the universe of home design continues to evolve, presenting new and exciting trends that boldly go where no design has gone before. At Taylor Exteriors and Construction, we’ve scouted the latest styles and innovations in home exteriors that are set to make your home stand out this year. Let’s explore the seven exterior house trends that are making a significant impact in 2024.

1. Earthy Tones and Natural Textures:

The trend of connecting with nature is still strong in 2024. Earthy tones like moss green, warm beige, and sky blue are popular choices, paired with natural textures such as stone and wood. This trend brings a sense of tranquility and grounding to your home's exterior.

2. Bold Black Accents:

Black is back in a big way. From window frames to shutters, adding bold black accents gives a modern, sophisticated touch to exteriors. This trend is especially striking when contrasted with lighter siding or brickwork.

3. Sustainable Materials:

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life in 2024. Homeowners are opting for eco-friendly materials like recycled steel, bamboo siding, and energy-efficient windows. These choices not only reduce environmental impact but also offer long-term savings.

4. Mixed Materials:

Why settle for one texture when you can mix and match? Combining different materials like brick, wood, and metal offers a dynamic, visually interesting facade. This trend allows homeowners to express their unique style while adding depth and character to their home.

5. Outdoor Living Spaces:

As we continue to cherish our time outdoors, the popularity of outdoor living spaces soars. Decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens are not just additions but essential parts of the home’s exterior, blending indoor comfort with the beauty of the outdoors.

6. Minimalist Designs:

The minimalist trend remains strong, focusing on clean lines and uncluttered spaces. Simple geometric shapes, minimal ornamentation, and a focus on function over form create a sleek, timeless look.

7. Smart Home Integration:

Technology integration into home exteriors is more seamless than ever. From smart lighting to advanced security systems, the exteriors of 2024 are not just about aesthetics but also about intelligence and convenience.


The trends of 2024 reflect a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, offering numerous ways to update your home’s exterior. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or prefer a more understated look, these trends provide the inspiration to make your home a standout in the neighborhood.

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